Service Client

Service Client

  • Our team endeavors to go the extra mile
  • to always delight the customer in meeting and
  • exceeding customer expectations.
Fret Aérien

Fret Aérien

  • Les services de fret aérien
  • Les services express
  • Service de groupage
  • Le Transport Intermodal
  • Les conseils sur des marchandises dangereuses
  • La Documentation complète d’exportation
  • La gestion des commandes
Fret Maritime

Fret Maritime

  • Conteneurs complets et conteneurs personnalisés
  • Les Groupages
  • Service de groupage hebdomadaire
  • Une plateforme de transbordement
  • La gestion des commandes
  • La Documentation
Nos Valeurs

Nos Valeurs

  • Agilité
  • Intégrité
  • Esprit d'équipe
  • Centrée sur le client
Solutions Logistics

Solutions Logistics

  • Gestion de fret aérien
  • Gestion de fret maritime
  • Service de douane
  • Transport routier
  • Entreposage et Distribution
  • Consultation
  • Cross Trade
  • Transport Multimodal
  • Port Franc

Notre Vision - Etre le fournisseur de service le plus fiable en offrant des solutions compétitives à nos partenaires commerciaux dans la région


Driven by a solid team-spirit, the management committee, always look for better ways and means to satisfy the customers and ensure that the whole of Ariva team look towards the same set objective.

Ariva Logistics offers a full array of services geared to meet and satisfy the customers’ requirements and expectations giving the customers’ the sought peace of mind.

Whether you need guidance or and information related to logistics, our team will make it a must to respond to any of your queries. Please feel free to drop us a line!

Embracing the technology to keep you abreast on status of your cargo, you can now track your shipment any time anywhere just at a click of your mouse!


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